Industrial DPF Cleaning Service for The Motor Trade in Kent

Potentially save your customers £100s off the price of a new DPF. With the average  OEM DPF price costing between £1,000 – £2,500, and third-party replacements being troublesome at best, the most cost-effective and often the safest option is an Industrial Power Clean.

Unfortunately, there is only one method to effectively clean a DPF, and this requires the physical removal from the vehicle, but when removed you can now offer your customers an alternative to a costly OEM  replacement.

Our advanced Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning service provides a 100% effective solution at a fraction of the cost of a replacement DPF.

When the filter is blocked, options such as forced regeneration or using chemical additives will only remove the soot, not the ash.  This will, at best, only be a short-term solution, and no workshop wants an unhappy returning customer.

Our latest state-of-the-art cleaning technology provides a safe and legal method that removes virtually ALL the soot and ash, restoring the customer’s DPF to work as good-as-new, delivering significant savings over new.


A Same-day DPF collection, cleaning, and delivery service is available in East Kent to the Motor Trade.

How our cleaning process works

01. Diagnostics

We always recommend carrying out a diagnostic test to assess accurately the problem with the DPF prior to removal. In most instances, a unit will only become blocked because of a failure elsewhere on the vehicle.

02. Collection

Simply give us a call to arrange collection and we will endeavour to return the cleaned DPF the same day.


03. Re-Fitting

When refitting it’s important to not forget to reset the learned values with a diagnostic tool.

Contact Us

Give Samantha a call to arrange the collection of your DPF.

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